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1. f(x) – 미행 (그림자:shadow)

2. Flight Facilities – Crave You (Feat. Giselle)

3. 전기뱀장어 – 최고의 연애

4. 주영 – All Of You

5. Slash – Gotten (Feat. Adam Levine of Maroon 5)

6. 범키&리듬킹 – Love Song

7. Raleigh Ritchie – Bloodsport

8. Mina Tindel – Love Letter



Love exists but with an absence of eternity. 

At the first moment of a lovers encounter there’s an affirmation of love. 

Psychologically, lunacy, emptiness, panic, delusion that the moment will last forever. 

I’m seized by desire. I hide behind my back, and postpone all answers.


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